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5 Basic SEO Ideas

Search engines are computers. We, humans, try to make them better at their job, but at the end of the day, these engines are just trying to categorize all the websites correctly. The best way to get a search engine to list you at a higher level is to simply tell it what you want it to know.

1. Put the words “The Best Scrub Store In xxx” on your website, with xxx being your geographic area. For example Scrub House in Loveland, CO is “The Best Scrub Store in Northern Colorado.”

2. Place different phrases on each page.

· Have “About The Best Medical Uniform Scrub Store in xxx” on your About page.

· Have “Blogs from The Best Medical Uniform Scrub Store in xxx” on your Blog page.

3. Have a Blog page.

· Post once a week.

· Make 80% of your articles about things your customers care about (something of value) and 20% of your articles about something they can buy from you.

· Be creative, consistent, and humorous. If you figure out how to do that, call me.

4. Your website should be more about your business, what you can offer your customers, and how they can contact you than it is about the products you sell.

5. Talk with someone who knows how to market scrub stores. Book a Zoom meeting with Scrub Store 101 today – all consults are free, always.