Marketing Tailor-Made For Scrub Store Owners

Marketing can be challenging for owners of scrub stores. It often requires investing either time, money, or both. Additionally, the cost of hiring a marketing agency can be quite high, which may not be feasible for new store owners. To address this, we created Scrub Store 101 Consulting. We know about marketing medical professionals because we are also scrub store owners.

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Why Would A Store Owner Help Other Store Owners?

As independent owners of scrub stores, we are confronted with numerous challenges that seem to grow more daunting each year. Even in the absence of local competition, we must still contend with the pervasive influence of online sales and multi-million dollar marketing campaigns that come with them. While most owners understand the importance of marketing in this competitive landscape, the cost, complexity, and time required to do it effectively can be overwhelming. At Scrub Store 101, we firmly believe that every independent scrub store deserves a fighting chance against the big box stores and online giants. Our consulting services are designed to provide affordable and effective marketing solutions that help save valuable time for store owners. With our support, independent scrub stores can stand out from the crowd and achieve success in today's challenging retail environment.

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Scrub Store 101 Marketers Know The Medical Uniform Industry

As a store owner, Scrub Store 101 has a more personal relationship with its clients' customers than most marketers. We interact with our own customers daily, helping them find the perfect scrubs that meet their needs. This personal relationship helps Scrub Store 101 understand our clients' pain points and tailor their marketing strategy accordingly. Most marketers don't have this level of interaction with their client’s customers, making it difficult for them to create marketing campaigns that resonate with the target audience.

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Priced Specifically For New And Future Owners

Marketing is an expensive endeavor, with online brands spending millions of dollars on advertising, promotions, and other marketing campaigns. As a store owner, Scrub Store 101 can leverage multiple platforms to promote their clients’ products and services. We also use the Marketing 360 platform, which is more effective and less expensive than traditional marketing methods, while offering all the tools a growing business needs to grow. This cost-effective approach allows Scrub Store 101 to offer competitive prices, making us a better choice for new and future store owners.

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Scrub Store 101: Your Trusted Partner for Effective Marketing in the Medical Uniform Industry

To market effectively in today's world, it takes more than just generic ads and promotions. Consumers are increasingly cautious and skeptical of such approaches. Scrub Store 101 stands apart from other marketers by leveraging its specialized knowledge of the medical uniform industry to connect with customers in a meaningful way. As a store owner, Scrub Store 101 has established a reputation for providing top-notch marketing campaigns for independent scrub stores. This knowledge of the industry allows Scrub Store 101 to develop effective, efficient, and targeted marketing strategies that resonate with customers. With Scrub Store 101, you can be assured that your marketing efforts will be informed by a deep understanding of your industry and your customers' needs.


Scrub Store 101 Consulting was created to help independent scrub store owners overcome the challenges of marketing in today's competitive retail environment. As scrub store owners themselves, they understand the unique challenges faced by their clients and tailor their marketing strategies accordingly. Their personalized approach allows them to connect with customers in a meaningful way, providing effective and efficient marketing solutions that resonate with the target audience. With Scrub Store 101 as your trusted partner, you can be confident that your marketing efforts will be informed by a deep understanding of your industry and your customers' needs, ultimately leading to increased success and growth for your business.

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