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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What Is A Blitz?
A: A Blitz, also known as a marketing blitz, is a unique product designed for a store owner, consisting of a website blog article, an email to customers, and four social media posts, all with relevant hashtags. It also includes four photos. If you mention this Q&A, you will receive your first Blitz for free.
Q: What is URA?
A: The URA stands for the Uniform Retailers Association, which consists of independent retailers who specialize in selling medical uniforms. Members of the URA can enjoy various benefits, such as the opportunity to attend the yearly trade show, discounts on marketing services and products, and access to free webinars that offer guidance on how to expand their business. For additional details, please visit
Q: Why is Scrub Store 101 So Affordable?
A: The founders of Scrub Store 101 are also owners of a scrub store. They tried out several marketing agencies but found them to be either too costly or lacking in knowledge about the industry to market their business effectively. Therefore, they established Scrub Store 101 to address these issues and assist other scrub store owners. The founders believe that independent scrub store owners require assistance and support, and they aim to offer that help while saving time and money.
Q: Does Marketing Work?
A: Yes, marketing can be effective in promoting a product or service, attracting customers, and increasing sales. However, the success of marketing efforts depends on various factors such as the target audience, the quality of the product/service, and the chosen marketing channels.
Q: How Do I Choose The Right Location For My Store?
A: One crucial factor to consider for a scrub store is whether vendors or manufacturers will allow the store to open an account. One common challenge faced by new store owners is selecting a location, only to discover that a vendor will not open an account with them due to the proximity of a competitor already selling the same brand. To avoid this problem, it is recommended to research the location and contact vendors beforehand to inquire if opening a store in that location would prevent them from opening an account with them.
Q: How Do I Determine What Inventory To Carry?
A: In short, the recommended strategy is to stock the most popular scrub brands, such as Cherokee, Healing Hands, Med Couture, Kindthreads, Barco, Zavate, Wink, and Maevn. However, for a more comprehensive answer, it is suggested to book a consultation with Scrub Store 101, and they can provide further assistance and guidance.
Q: How Do I Set Prices For My Products?
A: You can conduct research online, or we can assist you. It's suggested to avoid being the cheapest in the market unless IMAP (Internet Minimum Advertised Price) requires it, and likewise, avoid being the most expensive. Aim to set prices that are in the middle range. To determine the right price, take the cost of the product (for instance, if the cost of a top is $10), and multiply it by two, which gives you $20. This pricing strategy is known as "Keystone." Then add an additional amount to that, such as $1.99, resulting in "Keystone plus $1.99." This pricing model is widely used in the industry.
Q: How Do I Market My Store And Attract Customers?
A: The long "do-it-yourself" answer is: 1. Buy your domain name, 2. Build a website, 3. Establish your Google business page and social media accounts, 4. Build a website, 5. Setup an email marketing system, 6. Build your marketing tool kit (group brochure, business cards, handouts, catalogs, product samples), 7. Advertise. The short answer is, schedule an appointment with Scrub Store 101 Consulting and let us help you.
Q: How Do I Manage Inventory and Track Sales?
A: The most common inventory management and point of sale system in this industry is The Uniform Solution. If you refer Scrub Store 101 to Diamond Data (the creators of The Uniform Solution) you will receive two hours of free, practical training on the system from store owners who have used it for years.
Q: What is "Branding"?
A: Branding is the process of creating a unique identity and personality for your business. Key elements include: Logo; color scheme; brand messaging; website; social media (including Google); packaging, and store design.