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If you are looking to grow your medical scrub store and reach new customers, you may benefit from having a partner and mentor who can guide you through the process. A partner can help you with the financial and operational aspects of expanding your business, while a mentor can offer you valuable advice and feedback based on their experience in the industry. Having a partner and mentor can also provide you with emotional support and motivation, as well as access to a wider network of contacts and opportunities. By working with a partner and mentor, you can learn from their mistakes, avoid common pitfalls, and achieve your goals faster and more efficiently.


Store owners looking to expand their business with us also get the services from our START and GROW programs, plus these additional services:

Paid Advertising

Getting started with bidding and buying ads online is a steep learning curve, and not a skill that can be mastered overnight.

Robust Marketing Program

Marketing is work, let no one tell you different. You have to be able to reach your customers and clients wherever they are.

Business Analysis

It is difficult for a scrub store owner to have all of the skills necessary to run a business. Many store owners don't know where their skills fall short.

More Than Medical Uniforms

Always be on the lookout for what your customers and clients need. Sometime expansion can be a one-off from your primary business.

On-Call Experts

When diving into new product or marketing territory, it's always a good idea to have a partner to talk over risks, rewards, and next steps.