Growth Chart


Mentorship is a vital component for growing a new business. A mentor can provide guidance, feedback, connections, and support to a novice entrepreneur. A mentor can also help the entrepreneur avoid common pitfalls and overcome challenges. By learning from the experience and wisdom of a mentor, the entrepreneur can accelerate their growth and achieve their goals faster.

Critical Steps During This Phase

From Start to Grow

We make sure your store is set up for success by going through the START process with you, and then we add in these additional services to GROW.

Online Presence

Websites, Business Accounts, and Social Media Accounts are not a one-and-done project. Marketing takes effort, and it isn't always easy to do.

Organic Marketing

Most new businesses fail to utilize the free social media accounts, email campaigns, and articles on their website to attract customers.

Embroidery Program

Being able to digitize logos and embroider uniforms is an expectation of customers that a scrub store owner should not dissappoint.

Outside Sales Program

Build the tools needed to get new customers and clients, such as business cards, group brochure, flyers, and introduction letter.

Group Sales Program

Every scrub store needs a group sales program. The key is building the "tools" that the business needs to go after group clients and businesses.